First blog post ♡

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Firstly, I’m really excited to start blogging because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do but I never really had the time (i.e., I was too lazy). But now I have gotten over my “lazy funk”and I am ready to share my life with the rest of the world. On this blog I plan to do a lot of posts about beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts and opinions on certain issues (get ready for rants!). And just generally my life.

I also have a YouTube channel and I post videos on there weekly so you should totally go check them out if you want to get to know me better. Click here to go to my channel ♡
On my channel I post DIY’s, hauls, life hacks, advice for teenagers, funny videos, artistic videos and basically anything to do with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also vlog when my life gets interesting.

I’m really just a simple teenage girl from South Africa and I’m here to share my thoughts with the world (or just my best friends whom I forced to read this blog…). Over the past few years I’ve felt like my voice has been repressed. I was in an environment in which people only cared about certain people’s opinions. If you weren’t “important” you ended up being pushed aside and forgotten.

I guess that’s kind of how life works, which is really sad because life shouldn’t be like that. I personally believe that every voice is important and every voice does deserve to be heard. It honestly makes me so sad that not everybody is taken seriously in this world. I believe that everybody deserves a chance to be heard.

So I guess this blog is basically me looking for a space where my voice can be heard. Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say and nobody to say it to. I hope you will enjoy my posts on this blog.

Lots of love!

Tamara Ten ♡
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