South African YouTuber Tag Questions



Hey lovelies!

So I recently did the South African YouTubers Tag so if you haven’t seen it yet then go check it out! Here is the link:
If you are a South African YouTuber then  try doing the tag too! Here are the questions:

  1. Favourite South African food?
  2.  Favourite South African artist?
  3. Favourite South African holiday spot?
  4. What emotion best describes South Africa to you?
  5. Favourite South African YouTuber?
  6. Favourite South African word/phrase?
  7. Most annoying South African word/phrase?
  8. How many South African languages can you speak?
  9. The worst thing about South Africa?
  10. Favourite thing about South Africa?
  11. Coolest thing about my town?
  12. Why should people visit South Africa?
  13. Would you ever leave South Africa?

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Lots of love

Tamara Ten ♡
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