5 Holiday Party Outfits For Teens

Hey Lovelies! So New Years Eve is coming up and it’s time to plan that jaw-dropping outfit that’ll catch the attention of everyone at the party – and perhaps get you that special midnight kiss. I recently posted a Holiday Party Lookbook video on YouTube with some ideas for holiday party outfits. These outfits are targeted mostly to teens and young adults, but I’m sure could be adapted for all ages.

★ First Outfit ★

I wore a black lace top with a high waisted flared skirt.This combination can really accentuate a small waist, or even give the illusion of one. To give the look some edge I wore some stylish high heeled ankle boots. I feel like adding the ankle boots makes the look more trendy and can give you a bit of height if you’re vertically challenged like myself.

To accessorise  this outfit I added a simple black choker. Overall I think this look is perfect for a night out with your girls and you’ll definitely draw some positive attention.

★ Second Outfit ★

This look is so similar to the first outfit but so different in so many ways. For this look I wore a simple a-line dress, once again accentuating a small waist. I layered it with a simple black cardigan which can be worn if it’s cold out, but the outfit also looks good without it.

For a more formal look I paired the dress with some platform heels. And alternatively, for a more casual look I paired the dress with some black over-the-knee socks and sneakers. To accesorise this look I added a black choker with a jewel stone. I feel like the jewel gives this outfit a pop of colour and makes the look more glam.

Overall I think this outfit is super comfortable and great for a day or night party. I would probably wear this outfit with the sneakers to a family gathering, and with the heels to a semi-formal event.

★ Third Outfit ★

This look is probably my favourite because it’s so edgy and trendy. I wore a simple black tank top and tucked it in some high wasted shorts. This combination alone is perfect for a nice summer day and I would totally where it to a music festival.

To make this look suitable for a cold night out I layered some black stockings under the shorts, with some over-the-knee socks (can alternate black or grey) and a long fluffy textured cardigan. I paired it with my black high heeled ankle boots from the first outfit, and accessorised it with the choker from the second outfit.

Overall I think this outfit is super edgy and the jersey makes it really comfortable (perfect for cuddling – lol). The only downside with this look is all the layers but honestly it’s so worth it because the combination just works.

★ Fourth Outfit ★

I feel like this next outfit looks quite effortless. I wore a patterned jumpsuit and layered it with some fishnet stockings and a light long cardigan. For an alternative look I tied up my cardigan around my waist and this can help to show your figure a bit more.

I paired this look with simple black pumps and accessorised it with a black checker. Overall I think this look is casual and more suitable for a casual event.

★ Fifth Outfit ★

My last outfit is by far the simplest of them all. I wore a navy blue lace dress and paired it with some black pumps, however I often walk around bare-foot when I wear this dress. I love this dress because there is a lace portion across where my waist is smallest so it accentuates my waist and makes it look smaller.

I accessorised this dress with a silver heart anklet and a black sparkly choker. I love that this look is so simple. Whenever I can’t think of anything to wear I throw on this dress and it looks as though I planned my outfit even though I didn’t. Overall I think this look can be casual or more glamorous, depending on how you accessorise it. I prefer it casual and I would definitely wear this to a braai (a South African barbecue).

Click the image below to watch the full video:

What do you guys think of my fashion sense? Would you style any of these outfits differently? And which was your favourite outfit? Let me know in the comments down below; I would love to hear some of your thoughts!

I have really become interested in fashion lately and would like to make more fashion videos on my channel, as well as some fashion posts on my blog. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget to watch the video here and subscribe to my channel here. I hope you guys enjoy watching this video because I really enjoyed making it. It’s definitely the video I’m most proud of so far. Leave a comment and give it a thumbs up if you would like to see more fashion videos 🙂

Lots of love

Tamara Ten ♡
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6 thoughts on “5 Holiday Party Outfits For Teens

  1. Linda says:

    Hey Tamara, its Linda .. AKA scandinavan freckles haha
    I really love your style, my favorite look is the third one 🙂 but I liked all of them:) Your blog is really awesome !! You have a real talent for social media 😀 !


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